Tirumantiram - Siva Yoga Tantra - Verse 4

Tirumantiram - Siva Yoga Tantra - Verse 4

Original Tamil:

சிவ யோக தவம் தவம் அறிந்து
சிவத் தொண்டு செய்து தவம் செய்தும்
சிவத் தொண்டு செய்யும் அடியார் அறிவர்
சிவத் தொண்டு செய்யும் அறிவுடையார்.


Knowing the austerity of Siva Yoga,
Engaging in Siva’s service and performing penance,
Those devotees who serve Siva are wise,
And they are the ones endowed with true knowledge.

Esoteric Commentary from Thirumular:

In this verse, I illuminate the path of Siva Yoga, emphasizing the importance of understanding its austerity and engaging in dedicated service and penance. Siva Yoga is not merely a set of physical practices; it is a profound spiritual discipline that requires deep commitment and unwavering focus.

To practice Kriya Yoga in the spirit of Siva Yoga is to undertake a journey of inner transformation. The austerity mentioned here refers to the disciplined lifestyle and the rigorous practice required to purify the mind and body. As you embark on this path, recognize that each breath, each movement, and each thought is part of your penance.

Siva’s service, or Siva Thondu, is an integral aspect of this practice. It means dedicating all your actions to the divine, seeing every task as an offering to Siva. In Kriya Yoga, this translates to performing your breath control (pranayama), meditation (dhyana), and other yogic practices with a heart full of devotion and an unwavering focus on Siva.

Those who serve Siva through such dedicated practice gain wisdom. This wisdom is not merely intellectual but experiential. It is the knowledge that arises from direct experience of the divine, from the transformative power of Kriya Yoga that aligns the practitioner's energies with the cosmic energy of Siva.

In the practice of Kriya Yoga, the breath is the vehicle of this service. Each controlled breath purifies the nadis (energy channels), awakens the kundalini, and aligns the chakras, bringing you closer to the state of divine consciousness. By dedicating each breath to Siva, you transform your very life force into a constant act of worship.

True knowledge, or jnana, is bestowed upon those who practice with sincerity and dedication. This knowledge is the realization of your oneness with Siva, the understanding that the divine resides within you. It is the ultimate fruit of your penance and service.

Approach your Kriya Yoga practice with this understanding. Let each breath be an act of devotion, each moment of meditation a step closer to divine union. Serve Siva with your entire being, and in return, receive the wisdom and grace that lead to liberation.

Persist in your discipline, embrace the austerity, and let the light of Siva guide your way. Through the dedicated practice of Kriya Yoga, you will attain the true knowledge and wisdom that comes from direct experience of the divine.

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