Tirumantiram - Siva Yoga Tantra - Verse 3

Tirumantiram - Siva Yoga Tantra - Verse 3

Original Tamil:

சிவனின் படை தருவும் பொழிலும்
அவனின் உதவி அறிவும் அருளால்
அடிவார் தொழுது இசைந்து ஆயினும்
சிவனார் அவர் தொழுவார்க்கு எல்லாம் அருள் செய்யும்.


By Siva's grace, His weapon and garden,
His help and wisdom are bestowed upon us.
Even if His devotees worship Him in diverse ways,
Siva extends His grace to all who worship Him.

Esoteric Commentary from Thirumular:

In this verse, I speak of the boundless grace of Lord Siva, who provides us with the tools and wisdom needed for our spiritual journey. His weapon, symbolizing the power to destroy ignorance and obstacles, and His garden, representing the nurturing space for our growth, are gifts given through His grace.

In the practice of Kriya Yoga, these symbols hold deep significance. The "weapon" can be seen as the disciplined techniques and practices that cut through the darkness of ignorance. Each pranayama, each meditation, is a strike against the ego and delusion. As you engage in these practices, visualize the energy of Siva's weapon clearing your path, allowing the light of truth to shine through.

The "garden" is the inner sanctuary cultivated through your sadhana (spiritual practice). It is where the seeds of wisdom, planted by Siva's grace, grow and flourish. Through regular practice, you water these seeds with your breath, nourish them with your devotion, and watch them bloom into the flowers of divine insight and realization.

Though devotees may worship Siva in myriad ways, the essence of their devotion is the same. Whether through the recitation of mantras, performance of rituals, or the disciplined practice of Kriya Yoga, all paths converge in the heart of the seeker who yearns for union with the divine. Siva's grace is impartial and infinite, reaching out to all who seek Him with sincerity.

In your Kriya Yoga practice, understand that every breath, every moment of mindfulness, every act of devotion is a form of worship. Siva sees and responds to your efforts. His grace flows through your dedication, guiding and uplifting you.

Feel His presence in your breath, the life force that sustains you. Let each inhalation be a reminder of His gift, and each exhalation an offering back to Him. Through this reciprocal flow, you align yourself with the cosmic rhythm, drawing ever closer to the divine.

Persist in your practice with faith and devotion. Know that Siva's grace is ever-present, aiding your journey, illuminating your mind, and leading you towards the ultimate realization of oneness with Him.

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