Tirumantiram - Siva Yoga Tantra - Verse 2

Tirumantiram - Siva Yoga Tantra - Verse 2

Original Tamil:

திருமூலர் திருத்தந்தகத்தில்
பெருமை அறிவித்திடுவதற்கு உதவி
அருமைக் கடல் ஆண்டு ஓடி வந்தெடுத்த
கருமை மனத்தரிவித்து காண்மின் நீர்காற்று.


Thirumular, in this sacred scripture,
To reveal the greatness and aid understanding,
Ran the vast ocean of wisdom,
To remove the darkness of the mind; behold, water and wind.

Esoteric Commentary from Thirumular:

In this verse, I, Thirumular, declare my intention: to guide you through the ocean of wisdom contained within these sacred hymns. I have traversed the boundless depths of spiritual knowledge to bring forth these teachings, like a diver retrieving precious pearls from the ocean's bed. This wisdom is not merely for intellectual understanding but for the profound transformation of your being.

The darkness of the mind, the ignorance that clouds your vision, can only be dispelled through disciplined practice. As I share these verses, my aim is to illuminate your path, to help you realize the greatness within you, the divinity that is your true nature.

In the practice of Kriya Yoga, the elements—water and wind—play crucial roles. Water represents the fluidity and adaptability of the mind, essential qualities for spiritual growth. Wind, or air, symbolizes the breath, the vital force (prana) that sustains life and connects you to the universal energy.

Through Kriya Yoga, you learn to control and harmonize these elements within yourself. The practice involves pranayama, the regulation of breath, which purifies the mind and body, just as the wind clears away clouds to reveal the clear sky. Each breath you take in conscious awareness is a step towards clarity, a movement away from ignorance.

Visualize the breath as a gentle wind, moving through your inner being, stirring the waters of your consciousness, cleansing and revitalizing. As you practice, feel the darkness lifting, the light of understanding dawning. This is the essence of Kriya Yoga—union through disciplined action, leading to the revelation of your divine nature.

Embrace this journey with dedication. Let the teachings of this scripture be your guide, and let your practice be steadfast. Through Kriya Yoga, the ocean of wisdom becomes accessible, and the greatness of your true self is revealed.

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